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A successful business rides on the balance between aggressive marketing and extreme and strategic sourcing. sourcing ensures that a company spends the least for the highest value. To get it right with sourcing, you need the right information as to what is the best option for supply, who is the best supplier, how to access these top suppliers, how to negotiate for the best prices and what is the most cost effective infrastructure to deliver the supply.

AC marketers has been in the UK and Indian business market for many years now. We have developed a superior business network and have gathered top decision making statistics and information that will enable you to get the best sourcing services in these markets.

Manufacturing Sourcing

Manufacturing sourcing, also referred to production outsourcing entails sub contracting the manufacturing unit of your company to a company that can produce at a cheaper cost, higher quality and in a more effective manner. In the recent past, UK and other developed nations have gone into sourcing manufacturing from cheap labor and expertise pool nations. One of the most preferred manufacturing sourcing destination is India. Based on our expertise and experience in India manufacturing outsource, AC marketers can assist you with sourcing the right companies to handle the work. We will also assist in the contractual process and help you set up standard levels agreements (SLA), production risk management and shipment logistics.

IT and Technology Sourcing

India is known as the worlds silicon valley. India has built such a competitive edge in IT consultancy, software development and IT services to an extent that all leading multinationals are turning to India as their IT hub. Being a well established sourcing company in India, we link up companies from UK and elsewhere to the best IT companies in India based on their specific requirements. We also hand-hold our clients through the various governmental and legal procedures for India sourcing, business culture adaptation and other barriers of India sourcing.

Partnership Sourcing

To succeed in international business, you need business partnerships that you can count on and that will establish a winning base in the foreign land. AC Marketers can help you engage with ideal business partners in UK and India and assist in building lasting partnerships set on mutual benefits and that well understand your business. Breaking through in a foreign land may tough but with AC marketers, we will make it as easy as possible by removing all business barriers and working towards your business establishment in UK and in India.

Procurement Sourcing

If you are seeking to procure anything form heavy machinery, ,manufacturing units, manufacturing assembly parts, raw materials, finished products, employees or any other goods or services from India or UK, you will stand better chances of better prices and hustle free procurements when dealing with AC marketers. You can leverage on our networks, team of expert negotiators and our information to get the best supplies company for the product that you are seek for.

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