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Franchise opportunities

The demand for franchise opportunities has been on the increase especially in recent years. The franchising model enables business people to ride on the success of a brand and business system to get to their own success. However, franchise opportunities are always modeled and marketed as a plug and play business model. This concept of easy success is far from true. Statistics show that franchising success rate is still low and many business people who lack a full understanding of the business model, concept of franchising and basic business acumen still get frustrated and end up losing with the franchise opportunities. There are many underlying factors that determine the success of both a franchisee ad a franchisor. We at AC Marketers have a team of experts who are experienced in this business model both in UK and in India and they will advice you and guide you through the whole process of franchising. Some of the areas of consultancy are provided below.


In both UK and in India, there are literary thousands of franchises that are available to a franchisee and choosing the right franchise company to work with is the first huddle of the potential franchisee. With our vast network and in-depth insight, we are able to match your strengths and business inclinations to the ideal franchise company to join. We will also help you to look beyond the marketing pitch to the real facts and unbiased truth about the various franchise companies in the market. Besides helping you in the determination of the best franchise company to work with, we will also help you in set up procedures, sourcing of the right personnel, getting a franchise lawyer and handling all other franchise related details. We will also help you in sourcing of capital to finance the franchise opportunities you settle on.


As a franchisor or as one seeking to form a franchising company, the major huddle is in getting your franchise brand popular to attract quality franchisees. You may be successful in setting up your businesses and steering them to profitability and success. However, structuring a franchise opportunities company and marketing the brand to potential franchisees requires skill and experience. You can now anchor on our expert knowledge and skills to structure a success franchise company, to market the brand and to link you up with the right franchisees to make your company a success.

International Franchising

International franchising is fast becoming a success model for business. For franchisees, getting successful franchising opportunities in other nations to introduce it locally gives you a much higher chance of success than joining the saturated party. However, setting an international franchise locally will need careful selection of a viable franchise and adaptability and business culture synchronizing. The fact that a franchise works well in one market does not guarantee success in another. AC Marketers will work with you to ensure that you make the right selection and that you succeed in establishing the franchise. 

On the other hand, once a franchise company has succeed in establishing itself in a market and saturating it, the next step will be looking for other markets in other nations. Taking franchise opportunities overseas requires a new set of skills and information. AC Marketers has enough experience in assisting franchise opportunities company set up foreign franchises in UK and in India. We will provide you with the right market intelligence and link you to the best franchisee networks that will springboard your franchise opportunities to success.

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