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Ecommerce Solutions

AC Markers are a leading ecommerce software and solution providers. We will provide you with a complete web solution for all your website and ecommerce solutions needs. We will determine your website niche according to the internet culture, model a high quality website, set up value content, market the website and establish services such as customer call lines, shopping Cart Software, ecommerce software, payment solutions and much more. Our web solutions experts will review your business and your resources and we will propose ideal ecommerce solutions that will guarantee success. Some of our ecommerce services are provided below.

Website Development

AC Marketers is a leading web development company. We will provide you with an attractive website with the latest technology and services. We well set up powerful website content and ensure that it is optimized for the best keywords. The website will be powered with authentic and recognized payment solutions, shopping Cart Software services, website security services, social media set-up, ecommerce software and multimedia services.

Shopping Cart Software

Shopping Cart Software enables you to automate the whole online shopping process for your website visitors. An ideal shopping Cart Software needs to be highly intuitive and easy to follow so as not to lose any potential buyer. A visitor should be able to get to payments by only three clicks. Our software cuts off the long registration processes and other technical complications that may frustrate potential buyers. By linking to top payment solutions such as Paypal and Google checkout, our shopping software makes it easy and convenient to close sales. We will provide you with the best shopping Cart Software based on your products.

Website Marketing

The success of your ecommerce solutions has a lot to do with how well you market it. There are many avenues of website marketing including Google AdSense and other Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement programs, banner advertisement, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, directory advertisements, sponsorship advertisements, affiliate marketing and cost per action marketing (CPA). Given the limitation in marketing resources, you will need an experienced consultant to develop an optimal ecommerce software marketing strategy that will bring the highest returns on investments (ROI).

Search Engine Optimization

One in every three people worldwide spends time on the internet on a daily basis. Of these people, over 60% use search engines to get around the internet and search for information. Correctly positioning your ecommerce solutions on search engines therefore has the potential of exposing your business and meeting the right target market in the best way. AC Marketers are an established and experienced SEO company and we will provide you SEO consultancy that will position your website in the best search engine results spots. We will assist in getting the optimal key words and provide the optimization services for these keywords.

Inbound Call Center Lines

In the information age that we live in, due to the permeability and ease of flow of information, the success of a front runner business will not be anchored on innovation, technology, product superiority but rather on the customer experience. Today, almost every product is as good as the other. Therefore, to convince a sizable market share, you will need to make them feel and believe that you are for the customer. AC marketers will ensure that you can communicate with your clients at the least costs and with high quality services. Our Inbound call center lines service has proven a winner for businesses that know the importance of the customer.

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