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AC Marketers is a business consultancy think tank – we have simply brought together a team of qualified and highly experienced experts in the areas of sourcing, franchise opportunities, e-commerce solutions and marketing strategy to provide an end-to-end turn key solution for anyone seeking to excel in the India and UK markets.

Whether you are looking into joining franchise opportunities, starting a business, expanding into the UK and India markets or you are seeking to thrust your business into the next level of success, AC Marketers will be an ideal partner for you.

Why India and UK

For many years now, we have been successfully consulting with both UK corporations seeking sourcing in India and Indian companies seeking business partnerships with UK firms. Over time, we have built a strong business network, gathered powerful statistics and invested in resources that will aid you to success within these geographical jurisdictions. Our experience and understanding of the India and UK business cultures, business needs, corporate expectations and legal requirements will set you up on the right track in the shortest time possible and will help you save time on bureaucratic red-tapes, learning curve costs and help you avoid some common and expensive business mistakes.

Franchise Opportunities

Our franchise opportunities consultancy services are geared both to the franchisee and the franchisor. For the franchisee, we review your business strengths and interests and match you with best franchise opportunities to join. We also assist in capital raising, sourcing of franchise lawyer, valuations and any other issues that may arise from the franchise opportunities.

Marketing Strategy Consultancy

Marketing strategy is the heart beat of any successful business. To ensure that your business grows and succeeds, you will need the best marketing strategy that will give you the optimal result. We have a high level understanding of the UK and India markets and we will work together to develop a marketing strategy success blueprint. By taking advantage of our powerful statistics and our strong network, you can be sure that the marketing strategy will deliver the numbers that you are looking for.

Ecommerce Solutions

In today's internet driven world, ecommerce is now becoming the right hand of business. Without a strong and established presence on the internet, a business is crippled and limited in scope. We provide you with a set of ecommerce solutions, ecommerce software and internet related services that will maximize on the business potential on the internet. These services include website development, website content modeling, website marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and product sales and payment solutions. We also provide you with inbound call center lines to manage your customer service.

Business Sourcing

AC Marketers also provides strategic and global procurement sourcing. If you have a UK business and are seeking to procure manufacturing sourcing, sourcing IT services or you are seeking to source any other service from India, we can provide you the best consultancy both to identify the best company to source from and negotiation consultancy on prices and terms. On the other hand, any Indian business seeking sourcing service or products from UK will be at an upper hand if you choose to consult with us on the whole procurement process.

Our Services

Some of our core business consulting services are detailed below. However, our consultancy is not limited to these services only. If you need any form of business advisory and consultancy in UK and India, please feel free to contact us and our experts shall be there to assist you.

You think of any business and we will be right beside you throughout from initial stage till final setup. May it be Marketing your products, Franchise Solutions, Online Visibility, Ecommerce or Out sourcing. Just name it and we will do the rest for you, with 100% satisfaction Guaranteed.

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