Life Cycle for start up or any idea.


Normally, I don’t post my experiences, learning or interesting quotes on my blog. This time it is different. My evening walk buddy, who runs a decent size IT company, shared a very interesting concept. Maybe both of us, are trying to set up something new and are in start up mode.  This diagram is doing circles in my head. I admire when we can express a concept in few words. Only thing that I would like to add here is 100% focus on what you are doing.

Like a good website is the one, which can take you to your end goal in 3 clicks…

Hope this helps people like me, who are travelling on a similar journey.

This is how any Start up or idea life cycle will shape.

Now let’s look at, each of them individual

Idea – It belongs to the person who executes it. Everyone is full of ideas & mostly say around 90% will just talk about them. They will not look in depth. You should keep it simple. First see if there is market for it. Incase not then can you create it? always try to ask your end customers and see what they say? are they ready to bite into it.

Massive action – Whatever you chose to do. Go big guns, not in terms of spending money but give your best shot. Also keep a strict timelines. Remember this is where 90% of ideas die. Plan , price , learn and implement it in best way possible. This is the most difficult part. Most of the times people will lose their belief in this idea while struggling to implement it. There are no secrets you can find most of the information on internet and nothing can replace hardwork.

Results – Once implemented you should evaluate what has happened? Evaluate your results and see how and where you can improve. It is time to see how close you came to your predictions.

Self belief – This will come once you have completed your circle.
Now you know , how your idea has shaped up. Now your beliefs in your idea, yourself and your ambitions are more stronger.

It’s time for round 2.

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